Medium Solid Brass/Pewter


Medium Solid Pewter/Brass Plaque


Brass: The middle size of our range of plaques, this brass shield is also sand cast in solid brass, oxidised to enhance the visual effect of an old English finish, hand polished and then sealed with a high gloss clear lacquer which eliminates the need for any further polishing or maintainance.

Specs: 255mm x 340 mm

Weight : 1.7 kg in brass  1.1 kg in pewter

Pewter: This plaque is exactly the same as the brass, except that the metal shield is cast from an aluminum alloy. The personal choice of either the the gold (brass) finish or sliver (pewter) finish may often depend on where the plaque is to be displayed and factors such as surrounding furniture etc. should probably be taken into account.

If your name is not available, please contact us as this feature only represents about 90% of our database.

Timber shields: This important component of your family plaque is sculpted drom furniture grade custom wood. Each timber shield is is hand made, beveled, polished, stained and then finished in a high gloss lacquer to really compliment the metal shield which it supports.

Artwork: The most important feature of any family plaque is the scope and quality of the artwork. All our plaques are hand-painted by our team of highly skilled artists, in the true armorial colours as described in our vast library. The enamel paints used are imported from England (we have used the same brand of paints for over thirty years) and are the highest quality to be found anywhere in the world. When completely dry, the artwork will give a high gloss reflective finish to all our plaques. We guarantee the artwork will never fade or tarnish, in fact our guarantee is a lifetime guarantee!!


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